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Denso A6 Style, 5-5/8" Dia.
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SKU: WN-600-258
Product Specifications
Any use of OEM part numbers is for reference only
Cross Reference Numbers 600-258, 70256789, AR71287, AR71287-DEN
Models AC, JD, MF
Models Allis Chalmers: 1080,10851100,1105,1130,1135,1155,1500,1505,1800,1805,2640,2675,2705,2745,2755,2805
Models Allis Chalmers: 7000,7010,720,7030,7040,7050,7060,7080,7580,8550
Models John Deere: 4400,4420,6600,6620,7700,7720,8820,4000,4020,4030,4040,4230,4240,4320,4430,4440,4520,4620,4630,4640,4840,5020,6030,7020
Additional Information
Denso A6 Style, 5-5/8" Dia.