Main Bearing Set To Fit International/CaseIH® - NEW (Aftermarket)

.030" Oversized; 1.230" Narrow Width
Replacement Parts For: International/CaseIH®
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SKU: WN-1823850C91
Product Specifications
Any use of OEM part numbers is for reference only
Cross Reference Numbers 1823850,1823850C91,71823850
Models TD12,TD15C,Hydro 100,Hydro 186,540,815,915,966,986,1066,1086,1440,1460,1466,1470,1480,1486,1566,1586,1640,1822,3388,3488,3588,3688,3788,4166,4186,4366,4386,5088,5288,5488,6388,6588,6788
Additional Information
.030" Oversized; 1.230" Narrow Width